Why Do You Want This Job? How To Answer

Why do you want this job?” This question may seem easy because, after all, you applied for this job because you wanted it, but it is a common question that may trip you up if

  • Why do you want this job?”

This question may seem easy because, after all, you applied for this job because you wanted it, but it is a common question that may trip you up if you are not prepared. Your answer to this question should demonstrate the employer’s concern that you have researched the company and you know what the job entails.

Be sure to mention specific elements of the company and the position that is appealing to you and be specific about why you are fit for the role. Note the job requirements that fit your skills and experience, then highlight a few examples from your former work that make you qualified for the job.

Remember to emphasize what you can contribute but avoid acting like the ultimate game changer or as if the company will only do well because of you. This attitude may sound bossy, and it is a total turnoff to the employer. Instead, express how you will add value to the job.

For instance, you could say, “Based on my research, I understand that this organization is on its path of rising. I have read from your website that you are planning on launching a couple of initiatives. I want to be part of this venture as it grows, and I know that this job emphasizes two of my major skill sets: soft and hard skills.” 

  • “What can you do better than other candidates for the job?”

This question is tricky, especially because it focuses not only on your skills and experience but also focuses on you as an individual and how you compare yourself with peers. Employers may ask this question to evaluate if you have an inflated view of yourself. You want to be recognized for your own unique value and not on how you compare with others.

Begin answering with a disclaimer that you do not know other candidates’ strengths. Then follow up with your strengths and explain how you can make a concrete contribution to the organization. Be sure to demonstrate how these strengths have helped you in your previous jobs and/or internships, and use examples. It is worth the effort if you get the offer.

You could start by saying, “I am sure that there are several other talented people who are applying for the role even though I am not familiar with any of them. However, I am certain that I am a strong candidate for this job, given my unique experiences and background.”

  • “What will you miss about your previous job?”

The main motive behind asking this question is to establish your interests in the job for which you are interviewing. It also helps the interviewer figure out the responsibilities you are best suited for. Your answer is an indicator of the tasks that you like most and the part of your job that matches your skills and interests.

Be sure to connect your former job to the prospective position since this connection is the reason you are in this interview. Establish in advance the priorities for this position to get a sense of what the employer expects you to be good at and to enjoy doing.

An example of a good answer would be, “I loved the collaborative nature of my former job. The value of teamwork was emphasized at the workplace, and it enhanced my communication and interpersonal skills. I understand that your firm encourages collaboration among workmates and that this position involves team projects, and I would love the opportunity to be part of such a working environment.” 

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