February 9, 2023
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The Best Looks Of Britt Baker’s AEW Career, Ranked

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Since the inception of All Elite Wrestling, Britt Baker has been part of their women’s division, gradually becoming one of the top names on the roster. In the three years of her run there, Baker has established her dominance, especially as a heel. She is a one-time AEW Women’s World Champion and Women’s Owen Hart Cup, winner.

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Britt Baker is an impressive performer in the squared circle, having offered some great matches against different opponents. Other than her skills in the ring, The DMD of AEW has one of the most marketable looks on the roster, and these are some noteworthy looks from her carer.


10 The Debut Match

After officially signing for AEW, Britt Baker’s debut match took place on the inaugural edition of the pay-per-view, Double or Nothing. She competed in a four-way match against Kylie Ray, Awesome Kong, and Nyla Rose. Baker made a mark by winning the match.

Britt Baker debuted as a babyface at Double or Nothing 2019. Her eye-catching red and gray ring gear ensured she looked like a star the moment she stepped out in front of the audience.

9 The DMD Look

Britt Baker plays the character of a dentist in AEW, and her catchphrase is also ‘DMD’. But it’s not just the character she plays. Britt Baker is a dentist in real life, as she practices in Winter Park, Florida.

Britt Baker did segments to become a role model on TV. Instead of her usual glamorous look in the ring, she shot those segments at her dental office, dressing up like a DMD. It was a little different yet one of the best looks of her career because it was character-driven and added layers to her persona.

8 The Silver Dress

AEW’s rising popularity in recent years has given the top stars of the company good exposure beyond the squared circle. Likewise, being one of the bigger names of the AEW roster, Britt Baker has attended some events to promote AEW.

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Here is a photo of Britt Baker from such an event. Considering the background of the picture, it seems like a Warner Bros event, which is the parent company of TNT and TBS. As one of the pillars of AEW’s women’s division, it’s understandable why the company would want here there.

7 The Black Jacket & Gucci Belt

After Adam Cole, the real-life partner of Britt Baker, signed for AEW, the company didn’t take long to acknowledge the couple. Cole and Baker teamed up to beat Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander in a Mixed Tag Team match. One of the iconic moments of the couple took place on the screen when Baker and Cole kissed in the middle of the ring.

During that segment, Britt Baker looked striking in a black jacket and t-shirt, which was combined with a Gucci belt. It was arguably one of her best looks in the ring.

6 Orange Dress At Comic Con

AEW certainly has some fascinating characters that intrigue the fans. Besides the likes of Sting and Darby Allin; Danhausen, Jade Cargill, Malakai Black, and many more offer interesting gimmicks to the company. AEW never misses the chance to promote its products and stars at big events such as Comic-Con.

Elite names from AEW are seen here at Comic-Con, including Britt Baker. The DMD isn’t wearing in-ring gear, but a casual orange dress, which offers a nice contrast to her colleagues’ attire. Orange Cassidy, CM Punk, Jade Cargill, Chris Jericho, and Darby Allin are also posing with Dr. Baker at Comic-Con.

5 Nick Cannon Show

During Britt Baker’s stupendous run as the AEW Women’s World Champion, she got a spotlight beyond AEW by carrying the gold to different shows. As the AEW Women’s Champion, The DMD of AEW made an appearance on Nick Cannon’s show. She had a fun time there, as she not only showed some wrestling maneuvers but also caught Nick Cannon in a Lock Jaw submission.

While carrying the belt, Dr. Baker looked like a true champion. She looked wonderful in black and white attire, making it one of her best looks.

4 Classy In A Hat

All Out is arguably AEW’s version of WrestleMania, and Britt Baker has been part of it since the beginning. In the lead-up to PPVs, AEW wrestlers interact with the media and fans to promote events before they actually take place.

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This Britt Baker photo is from such a media event of AEW’s pay-per-view, All Out. The DMD is sporting a completely different look from her usual in-ring gear. Baker is looking classy in a black dress and the black hat complements her look perfectly.

3 Blue Gear

Britt Baker has sported some awesome ring gear throughout her AEW career. She has also experimented with different colors whether as a heel or babyface.

One of her best looks was when she chose to wear blue ring gear back in 2019. She was a babyface back then and had a different hairstyle. Needless to say, Baker looked like a true star in that blue gear.

2 In A Jersey

Britt Baker is billed from Pittsburgh. She is a big football fan and supports her home team. During her strong run as the AEW Women’s Champion, she even carried the gold to football games while representing AEW.

Wearing a football jersey, this is an unconventional look for the former AEW Women’s Champion with the title. She is standing near the field and looks like a true fan in a jersey.

1 Face-Off With The Legend

Trish Stratus and Britt Baker are from different generations, and they have worked for two different companies. It is improbable to see a match between the WWE Hall of Famer and the DMD of AEW.

However, they have met each other in person. Here is a face-off between Trish Stratus and Britt Baker. With a height advantage, the latter looks intimidating, teasing fans about a dream match most hope may happen someday.

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