Smith ready to help small businesses

Please join me in voting for Katrina Smith as state representative on June 14 in the primary elections in China, Palermo, Somerville, and Windsor.

When asked what she perceives to be our state’s greatest challenge over the next 10 years, Smith replied, “The greatest challenge to Maine is rebuilding our economy after the loss of thousands of businesses throughout the pandemic. The state has one of the worst business environments in the country and, without improving it, we will not keep the next generation in Maine and will not see prosperity for our people but only further dependence on state resources.”

We have seen so many small businesses forced to close because of COVID restrictions. We need to help regenerate small businesses. I believe Katrina is the person to help us do this. Katrina lives with her family in Palermo, and she loves the hardworking people who believe in the way life should be.

Bonnie Hunter


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