Questions For Interview Prep

What specific skills did you gain from your last job?” When asked about the skills you have acquired from work experience, it is sometimes difficult to come up with an answer immediately. The question is

  • What specific skills did you gain from your last job?”

When asked about the skills you have acquired from work experience, it is sometimes difficult to come up with an answer immediately. The question is sometimes posed as “What did you learn from your previous job?” This is a significant and straightforward question to tune your employer into how well you have learned from your past mistakes and other situations that arise in life.

It may take some time to select an answer that will provide substantial information that convinces your recruiter that you perfectly fit the position in question.

When answering this question:

  • Be specific and illuminate on your most powerful set of skills. Talk about how you came to master these skills and how you expect them to help you in this potential position. Be sure to show how these skills have helped you become a better employee overall.
  • Emphasize your usefulness by talking about how your accumulated set of skills can help the company grow and become more efficient. Be sure to create the vision that you are a forward-minded individual who knows how to employ past experiences to pursue future challenges.
  • Place a positive spin on everything by avoiding some of the things that make you come off as a negative person. Even if you consider one of your best skills as having learned to work with difficult employers, saying such a thing may make you lose favor with the interviewer. Say things such as you learned to take orders and to resolve differences with coworkers and employers in a professional style.
  • “How does your experience prepare you for this role?”

One of the things you expect to hear in a job interview is being asked to share your job or even educational experience. After all, the best predictor of performance is the previous performance.

This question is more critical than you may think. The interviewer wants to know the skills that you learned from your previous jobs, what you excelled in, the reason you left, and why that experience makes you a good candidate for the position in question.

Besides, the interviewer is also probing for both why you studied a particular course and whether you were practical in making real-world connections between work and study.

Grab this chance to market yourself to the employer since it may be the golden question that helps you to become outstanding among your fellow applicants. Sometimes it comes in the form of “What makes you qualified for this position?”

Conduct research into the position that you are interviewing for to know as many details as possible, such as the anticipated responsibilities and skills, thereof, you are expected to possess or learn quickly. Most importantly, you ought to know how it is similar or different from your previous work environments. For instance, you do not want to rave about how much you enjoy your intimate company while you are seeking to be employed in a huge corporation.

Be sure to discuss an important aspect that you learned in school that helped you in your work, should it be a work experience or internship.

Also, while you should briefly explain your exit from the previous job, focus on your desire to work for the current interviewing company. Highlight previous job skills, both soft and technical skills, and how they are applicable in the new opportunity, and give an example of how you handled challenges in your former position. Be sure to use an example where you can show how you maintain your cool under pressure, make tough decisions, and exercise strong leadership skills.

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