November 27, 2022
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Karnopp named MWV Career Tech Student of Year | Local News

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CONWAY — Sometimes, getting called to the office can be a good thing.

That’s what happened to Reed Karnopp in early May when he was summoned from one of his classes to see Virginia Schrader, director of the Mount Washington Valley Career and Technical Center in early May.

“She didn’t tell me why I was there, and then my parents walked in,” Reed said. “I thought I might be in trouble, but it was good.”

He was there because he had been named the 2022 MWV Career and Technical Center’s Student of the Year.

Reed, 18, is the son of Stefan and Teri Wiley Karnopp of Kearsarge. He plans to attend Central Maine Community College in Lewiston, Maine, to major in electromechanical technology.

Reed grew up attending John H. Fuller Elementary School, followed by Kennett Middle School and Kennett High.

He is in the Career and Technical Honor Society and was a four-year member of the alpine and mountain bike teams, being elected captain of both his senior year.

This year, Reed won the gold medal for carpentry in the statewide SkillsUSA competition this spring.

Paul Cail, the construction trades teacher at MWVCC, has nothing but praise for Reed.

“I could not ask for a finer worker and a super awesome individual,” he said. “Reed’s work ethic was outstanding. He never wavered with any task in my shop. He is a silent person who doesn’t say much but does a lot.”

He added: “Reed is a student I could explain what his job or project was and he would put his head down and get it done. I will miss Reed but I am sure he will stop in from time to time just to say hello. I will say that having students like Reed make it so enjoyable to teach.”

Schrader agreed. “I’m thrilled that we’re able to honor our top student with this prestigious award,” she said. “The teachers nominate and vote on the Outstanding Career & Technical Center Student of the Year and this year it was a runaway choice in Reed.”

Criteria for being considered for the award include “completer” status of one or more programs, induction into the National Technical Honor Society and all that entails, service to the center (taking on projects that benefit the whole center), service to the community, exemplary work ethic (professionalism, perseverance, collaboration and ambition), responsibility, honesty and all-round excellence as a career-tech student who will go on to represent the center in post-secondary education and career.

The award is sponsored by the North Country Superintendents Association and North Country Education Services.

Reed recently sat down with the Sun.

Are you a four-year completer in carpentry?

Reed: “Yeah, that and CADD, and freshman and sophomore year I also took machine tool with Andy Shaw. That class was awesome, but I couldn’t fit it in the schedule.”

Do you have a favorite subject?

Reed: “I’d have to say Mr. Cail’s class.

What do you like about that?

Reed: “Just the tiny house as an example. Being a part to building that and seeing it actually come together. Right now, we’re working on the countertop in there, it’s pretty cool to build something.”

What was it that led you to choose Central Maine Community College?

Reed: “Well, it’s kind of close to home and it’s more affordable and then I can come back to the valley and apprentice with an electrician then hopefully get a master electrician license.”

Does CMCC have a ski team?

Reed: “Unfortunately not. We do get a free ski pass to Lost Valley, which is only 140 vertical feet or so.”

What have the last couple of years been like for you given COVID?

Reed: “It’s definitely been weird just because in building trades and CADD we want to be in person. You’re using the computers in CADD or using the tools in building trades, but not being able to do that and having two weeks on and two off, has definitely slowed down the process of the tiny house. It’s nice to finally be back to normal.”

Reed: “Without masks, it feels pretty normal.”

Do you feel like you missed out on some stuff over the last two years?

Reed: “Definitely a little bit. We missed out on more time just kind of being in school in classes and everything. I mean, like the National Technical Honor Society thing, for example, I got inducted in that last year, but they didn’t have the ceremony.”

Reed: “I’d go with building trades and then CADD would be a close second.”

What are you going to do this summer?

Reed: “I’m going to work at Cranmore in the bike park again. I’ve taught lessons there the past couple of years.”

What are you going to miss the most about Kennett High School?

Reed: “Definitely the career-tech programs. I’d say that because that just that makes everyday fun coming here. The academic classes, they’re all awesome here, too, but the career-tech really shines, honestly, and all the teachers are awesome.”

What advice would you give to incoming KHS students?

Reed: “I would say 100 percent give things like carpentry and machine tools a shot. Take as many career-tech classes as you can. Being in the intros and everything, you can weed out the ones you like and don’t like. It’s definitely awesome to have a couple of those on your record.”

What do you like about CADD?

Reed: “With CADD, whatever part you make, you draw it out on paper and then put it into the computer, it’s pretty fun. You can really just do anything there because you don’t have to get the material like in machine tools or building trades. It’s just all there on the computer.”

What in your mind makes a good teacher?

Reed: “A teacher you can fully trust and feel completely comfortable around and can be yourself. Career-tech teachers like (CADD tracher Joe) Riddensdale and Mr. Cail and even Andy Shaw, because I was with them multiple years, it’s kind of like they’ve become your friend almost, which is awesome.”

What’s your favorite food?

Reed: “I’d go with Shepherd’s pie, it’s awesome.”

Reed: “The Harry Potter series.”

Do you have a favorite movie?

Reed: “I like the Avenger movies.”

Reed: “I watched this television show on Netflix called ‘Lucifer,’ which was a good one.”

What three people living or dead throughout history would you like to have dinner with?

Reed: “That’s the really tricky question there. I’m going to go with (Barak) Obama, Adam Sandler and (Teddy) Roosevelt.”

Is there anywhere in the world you’d like to visit?

Reed: “Austria food-wise. Germany is awesome. And Iceland just looks really cool.”

Who has influenced you the most?

Reed: “Definitely Mom and Dad. My dad is hands-on working on everything so that’s definitely influenced me. Also, the teachers in career-tech. They’re awesome and really make me want to keep taking these classes.”

Looking into your crystal ball, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Reed: “I want to still be in the valley. I’ve loved every minute of it growing up here. And the mountain biking is just getting better with ride NoCo and everything. The skiing is awesome. So hopefully, I’ll be an electrician working on my own.”

Any parting shots, anyone you want to thank?

Reed: “Thank you to my mom and dad for being awesome and helping me get this. And to Mr. Cail, Mr. Riddensdale and Mr. Shaw who have just been awesome in the career-tech.”

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