Interview Question Tips

How to Handle Questions about Interest “What are your career goals?” This question is asked to help the employer get a sense of how long you intend to be in their company or the particular

How to Handle Questions about Interest

  • “What are your career goals?”

This question is asked to help the employer get a sense of how long you intend to be in their company or the particular position in question.

Most often job hunters appear to have a short-term set on the job they are interviewing for and it can be disorienting to be asked about your future vision. This question also comes in formats such as, “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?”

Your major goal here is to show that your career goals and expectations resonate with how career journeys unfold in the company. Reassure the recruiter that you see a future of working with them since most employers seek to hire people who will work in the company for many years, not those who will leave at the soonest opportunity.

Avoid the mistake of giving an answer that shows you do not have an idea of what you want in the future. Also, do not show through your answer that you are not satisfied with the position you are interviewing for.

Start with your short-term goals, such as working with an employer like the one currently interviewing you as you expand your future ambitions, like how you would like the current role to equip you with the skills of holding greater leadership responsibilities.

Do not get too specific such as mentioning how you would want to work for a particular company in a particular position.

  • “What is the name of our CEO?”

This question might seem trivial but is one of the most common questions that may qualify you for a job. The recruiter asks this question to test your level of interest in the company and the job, and whether you did your homework. To prove that you are a good fit for the job, you must have put in time and effort to research.

It is recommended that you check out the latest news from the organization, such as its annual reports, and review all information available on the company website.

While answering such essential questions about the company, emphasize the specific qualities of the CEO in addition to their name. Your interest is bound to shine through if you show that you did thorough research. Act interested and project confidence by mentioning even specific points about the CEO’s education and experience.

Avoid acting like you are interested in replacing the CEO. Avoid saying anything negative about them, or even making up something about them. Most importantly, do not act like it does not matter. This question tells the recruiter whether you have qualities that align with significant people in the company.

  • “Why are you looking for a new job?”

Most often interviewers ask this question to test your level of focus, patience, and attitude toward former bosses and colleagues. Do not let this question catch you off guard as you may end up saying something as blunt as, “I seek to make more money.” Rather, explain calmly why you are seeking a new role, and be sure to create a link between your experience, goals, and this role. Make your experience look relevant in this role and demonstrate that this role provides the potential of allowing you to fulfill your career goals.

Ideally, take this tricky question and turn it into an opportunity to showcase your strengths. Share a bit about your goals and say, for instance, how your previous firm does not provide a foundation for those specific goals. Make it about your hopes for the future and also about them—align your goals and strengths with the hiring company.

Whatever your reasons are, you should be honest but not discrete. You do not want to tell your potential employer that you are not making enough money in your current or previous job, or even slam your boss or colleagues. These are huge turnoffs to the hiring authority and you automatically lose favor. It is imperative that you keep it positive no matter what the reason is.

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