Interview Preparation Tips

Take notes during the interview One of the items that you should bring with you into an interview room is a professional-looking binder. Remember to make it useful during the conversation. Taking notes indicates that

Take notes during the interview

One of the items that you should bring with you into an interview room is a professional-looking binder. Remember to make it useful during the conversation. Taking notes indicates that you are candidly interested in the job and the company, and it also helps you to pose a query when you are given a chance. Talking of an official folder, invest in one that looks first class. Do not use an electronic gadget such as a tablet to take notes in the interview. Such gadgets can only be used if you are interviewing for an Information Technology position or something similar. Also, remember that providing your professional references and résumé copies is a positive note.

Chase the position tirelessly even if you feel like the interview has already gone wrong

It is not unusual for someone to be having a rough time during an interview and to even create conclusions about the company, which may impact their ability to deliver the best version of themselves. The best thing you can do during such a time is to maintain professionalism and finish the interview without showing any signs of backing down. Remember you are not being forced to take this job, after all. You are still in the driver’s seat in the end since you can always turn down an offer or respectfully withdraw from the process. Job candidates can be fond of prejudice toward the interviewers and they end up regretting it later. Ensure that you have collected all possible facts before making an ultimate judgment about the organization. Leave the interviewers with a good impression of you as it could pay back later in unimaginable ways. Imagine having poorly interviewed with this employer’s biggest client who is now your boss.

Remember that your interview is not over until you walk out of the gate

From the moment you walk through the gate, how you talk to the receptionist or any other person, including the premises’ cleaners, matters a lot in your hiring process. Some employers have taken time to ask parties such as the receptionist how you greeted them on your way in. Hiring managers could watch a candidate as they exit the interview premises. Conversely, some interviewees have some outrageous behavior such as starting to make calls or lighting up cigarettes right outside the premises. Remember to maintain official conduct until you are far from the premises.

Arrive about fifteen minutes early but do not show up at the interview door more than five minutes early

It goes without saying; you never want to be late for an interview. It is one of the biggest deal breakers if you cannot keep time on the first day. If you are not five minutes early, then you are late. It is recommended that you arrive early and get accustomed to the organization’s ambiance. If you are uncontrollably running late, make sure to call and inform them of your delay. Always have the contact information of the person organizing your visit for such a reason, but make sure to overcome all obstacles to arrive at the scheduled time. It shows that you are punctual and you can be trusted with routines or to hit deadlines, or even to save time for the company. Conversely, arriving too early gives employers the first reason to start judging you from a negative light.

Close the interview the right way

Express your gratitude toward the interviewer for the interview as it comes to an end and restate your interest in the role. Feel free to make an inquiry on how long it would take before they could reach out. Finally, greet everyone in the room by the hand if possible and also use their name as this shows your attention to details and courtesy. Greeting other people in the outer office shows good manners as well, although it may not be a strategy per se. Remember to keep smiling until you leave the premises.

Send a thank you note after the interview

Thanking the hiring manager for the interview counts as an important part of your etiquette principles. It reminds the interviewers about you and shows them how courteous you are. Also, take this chance to clarify anything you feel you need to reiterate. Refer to anything that the interviewer said during the interview that intrigued you. Reiterate why you think you are fit for the position.

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