Health Department shuts down Waipahu care home after patients found unattended

The Waipahu Community Care Foster Family Home has been ordered to shut down after health officials found that patients were left unattended, the Department of Health said.

The state Department of Health’s Office of Health Care Assurance revoked an operating certificate for the facility, located at 94-1112 Lumikula St. in Waipahu, following four inspections between 2017-2020 that found that operator Herbert Sales had left patients unattended in violation of Hawaii Administrative Rules.

The DOH said that Sales submitted a corrective plan following each inspection, but did not adhere to the proposal.

Sales was ordered to immediately transfer or discharge all clients from the foster family home, cease operating and pay a $2,000 administrative penalty. He must also notify OHCA where each of the facility’s clients are moved.

“All Hawaii residents deserve safe, dignified and quality care,” said Keith Ridley, OHCA’s chief, in a statement. “OHCA will continue aggressive enforcement to protect the health, safety, and welfare of individuals in care homes. We encourage families or friends who suspect unusual activity to contact the Department of Health.”

The DOH issued the revocation order in January. Sales requested an administrative hearing to challenge the order, but it was upheld on May 3 by a hearings officer. Sales can appeal the order in court.

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