Gaming clubs, esports expose teens to possible futures in technology

Little eLeauge is a competitive team gaming league for youth in Jacksonville.

When you’re trying to get someone’s attention, there’s something to be said about meeting people at their level of interest.  Without question, talking to teens about gaming is among the best ways to introduce teenagers to the many opportunities available in the tech world.

There’s also a lot to be said about risk-takers like Jacksonville resident John Sarmie. He is making efforts to get kids out of their bedrooms and into local video gaming clubs and competitions where they learn about social development and how to work together. But they are also introduced to vast career opportunities that include writing, publishing, coding, stream producers, and marketing. 

It’s the reason he left a 23-year career in sports technology to find business opportunities that allow him to reach Jacksonville students. With a sports entertainment career that involved traveling all over the world to play a role in virtual graphics that are now part of all professional sports, he decided that the fast-growing world of video gaming would be part of his next chapter.

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