Different Interview Types

Panel or committee interview In this interview, you are interviewed by several hiring authorities at the same time. Employers go for this approach to save on time and to also test how you deal with

Panel or committee interview

In this interview, you are interviewed by several hiring authorities at the same time. Employers go for this approach to save on time and to also test how you deal with the pressure of having more than one interviewer at a go. You should ensure you address every individual and connect with all of them individually. Address them by their names, smile with everyone, and give everyone maximum respect. Maintain eye contact with all panel members. The key to rocking a panel interview is to stay calm and collected as long as you are well prepared.

Breakfast or lunch interview

Sometimes employers schedule interviews in a public place, such as a restaurant or a coffee shop. Ideally, this type of interview is meant to assess how you behave in a more relaxed setting out of the office environment. In other cases, there is no local office or maybe the hiring manager does not want the employees to know about the possibility of a new employee.

You ought to maintain similar standards as you would during an office interview. Remember that you are still closely being monitored. Build a common ground with the recruiter and follow their lead with menu choices, although you should not select things you are not going to eat. Remember to maintain etiquette while addressing the waiter. Also, you should never ask for expensive items or consume alcoholic beverages. Beware of your table manners and remember not to speak with your mouth full. While this advice may sound like common sense, many people do not follow these tips.

Teleconferencing interview

Perhaps you have applied for a remote job or you are interviewing for a position in another country. Software applications such as Skype and Face Time have made video calling easy. Further, such interviews are becoming more common as international talent sourcing grows.

This interview should be treated with utmost care just as a face-to-face interview. Remember that the interviewer can still see you, your dress code, body language, and professionalism. Ensure your cam captures a neat and organized background and as with the phone interview, there should not be any background noise or distractions.

Behavioral interview

This interview is used to determine how you have handled various job situations in the past. It is based on the idea that your past behavior helps to predict your future conduct. They can happen amidst any other interview types and the basic idea is to predict behavior patterns rather than what you say you will do in the future. Review your résumé and make a list of all the situations that may have been stressful and develop appropriate answers for them. An example of a question asked in such an interview phase includes, “Tell me of a time when you dealt with a totally unreasonable customer.”

Stress interview

This interview is done to assess your response to unexpected occurrences or pressure. Your interviewer subjects you to a provoking situation, such as waiting a long while before performing the interview, being rude or argumentative with you, or even being sarcastic. They can also make long pauses when asking questions, all in the attempt of discovering how you act under such cases. Ideally, you are to show them that you do not lose your cool. The more pressure they impose, the calmer you need to get.

Structured interview

In this interview, a list of questions is prepared in advance to be asked of every candidate. A similar order is adapted for each interviewee and the questions mainly test specific skills and capabilities. The main idea behind this interview is to interview all candidates impartially since the job may be requiring a specific set of skills.

Unstructured interview

This is a flexible kind of an interview in which the response that the interviewee gives determines the question that follows. While they may have a few sets of questions prepared in advance, the flow of the conversation is rather casual. It is thought of as less intimidating than the structured interviews, yet it can pressure you if you do not prepare adequately. The interviewer may ask one or two questions before having a long pause. In this interview, you should be prepared with your own set of questions to ask the recruiter. Furthermore, you should be extra keen on the answer you give for each question since it determines what you are asked next.

Sequential interview

This instance is the case whereby you interview with a couple of hiring authorities, each in their own time. They are most likely the person closely linked with your job and the company affairs, especially human resource personnel. Since each of them felt the need to interview you, treat each of the interviews separately and put similar efforts in each. Make sure your answers are consistent since you may have to answer the same questions over and over again.

The case interview

This interview happens in a more specialized format whereby you are presented with a business problem to handle or a puzzle to crack. They are mostly employed by management consulting and investment banking where the recruiter requires you to show your analytical ability and problem-solving skills.

The career fair interview

Such an interview happens in the course of career fairs. Therefore, if as part of your job hunt you are attending career fairs, be ready for an impromptu interview. You will mostly have ten to fifteen minutes to market yourself to the recruiter for a chance to get an invitation for a full interview. You should carry your original documents and copies should the recruiter require one.

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