Curry, Dingell, Rakolta: Mobilize Michigan now

The only way to address a threat to everyone and to maximize an opportunity with the potential to benefit everyone is to mobilize … EVERYONE to move in the same direction together.

To deliver on the legacy and economic opportunity of the automotive industry will require an immediate and profound cultural shift in and among our business, labor, and government communities. The development of our region’s future economic opportunities cannot and must not be partisan.

As a bi-partisan group concerned with the health of the business, the worker, the community, and the future, we volunteer our service. We propose Jan. 1, 2023 as a governor-directed deadline to make significant and meaningful recommendations to ensure that Michigan is among the top states for businesses looking to build and expand the mobility sector, and for future talent to live and thrive here.

A panel of labor, business, education, and local community leadership can and must be conscripted to dig deep and introduce meaningful dialogue and intellectual tension to create and realize a new vision of Michigan’s place in the mobility-based economy. The evolution we need will not happen in silos. To disrupt and alter the path of decline we could suffer, we must come together to fearlessly appraise and respond to our shared weaknesses and strengths.

Ray Curry is president of the UAW; Debbie Dingell, D-Dearborn, is congresswoman for the 12th District; Ambassador John Rakolta Jr. (retired) is chairman of Walbridge.

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