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Charlie Watts left his £30 million fortune to his family.

The Rolling Stones drummer died aged 80 on August 24, 2021, and his will includes most of his millions, bar the value of his estate in France.

UK Probate papers showed the rock veteran passed on £29.6 million to loved ones.

Most of the money will go to his widow Shirley, 83.

His beloved car collection is to be handed out according to wishes in his will.

Unlike the money, those instructions in his 14-page will were not made public.

Charlie had pulled out of the band’s ‘No Filter’ tour in America days before his death following a heart operation.

He had quit smoking in the late 1980s but fought throat cancer in 2004.

His will was drawn on May 31, 2017 and shows Charlie told executors to use the income from his fortune to support “beneficiaries”.

When Shirley dies, the inheritance will be passed down to Charlie’s daughter Seraphina, 54, his sister Linda Rootes, sisters-in-law Jackie Fenwick and Jill Minder and brother-in-law Stephen Shepherd.

Charlie, who had played with the Stones since 1963 and appeared on every album, was hailed as the nicest guy he knew by bandmate Keith Richards.

Charlie – known as the shy, quiet “sensible” Stone – married Shirley in 1964 before the band’s global fame.

They lived near Dolton in Devon, where they ran a successful Arab horse stud.

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