Career signing day held at Campbell County Technical Center

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) – Friday was signing day at Campbell County Schools’ Career and Technical Education Center.

This day was to “celebrate and recognize students graduating high school who will directly enter the workforce as a result of their education,” according to the school division.

Secondary objectives include:

· Highlight the many lucrative opportunities for students participating in CTE Education programs.

· Encourage businesses to engage with CTE students prior to graduation to help fulfill their workforce needs.

· Encourage students to continue to strive for excellence as their high school career ends and their future career begins.

At the signing day event, students and industry representatives signed “letters of intent” that outline the expectations of the students by the companies, plus how much each company will pay each student and what benefits and training will be provided for each student/employee.

A statement from Campbell County Schools reads:

Campbell County Schools strives to provide a world-class education that enables every student to choose and pursue any post K12 endeavor. As a division we have various ways we highlight, celebrate and recognize students who are pursuing a military enlistment, college enrollment or even scholarship opportunities beyond their experiences in Campbell County. This recognition will help fuel the perception that students who are moving into the workforce directly out of high school will be highly successful, and that this accomplishment is one to be celebrated. By recognizing the students who will be entering the workforce we will also be adding value to the career preparation training they have received in high school and validating and quantifying the “value” of the career training through CTE.

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