Be careful using technology to restore memory


How far are we willing to allow technology to control our future and interact with natural human processes? With more research being done than ever before on diseases that affect memory, moral questions are important to consider. Reliving past memories can be traumatic and make someone feel depressed.

I believe there is a reason time passes and our memories fade. Involving technology with our minds is dangerous, and once we appeal to the hearts of people there is nothing stopping businesses from using technology for evil. Reliving past memories may be interesting in the short term, but it can prevent healthy human interaction from occurring in the future.

The human brain is a mystery to the universe, and we will never be able to truly understand it. Tapping into a sensitive part of our mind and reliving it is unnatural and dangerous. Instead of interfering with our brain receptors through technology, we should research what causes memory loss and how to prevent it or provide resources for people to feel at ease when losing memories.

Ciara Guinther
Upper Tulpehocken Township

Editor’s note: The writer is a student at Hamburg High School.

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