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GLASTONBURY — The Democratic Town Committee on Wednesday unanimously endorsed state Rep. Jill Barry for election to a third term representing the 31st House District.

The action came less than an hour after a Republican town caucus unanimously endorsed political newcomer Gary Giannelli for the same seat in a room down the hall at the Riverfront Community Center.

The 31st District consists of the western section of town.

Barry told the roughly 38 Democratic Town Committee members at the meeting that she never strove to be a politician but called it “the best job I ever had” — and the hardest. She said the most important work she does “is right here in town,” calling herself “the biggest cheerleader for this town.”

Giannelli, 69, told the 15 to 20 Republicans at the caucus that he “will support and respect the sanctity of life from conception to natural death,” opposing abortion and euthanasia.

He said parents have a right to know in advance what their children are being taught and to opt out of lessons and materials they find objectionable.

“I believe in school choice, including magnet schools, charter schools, and private schools with tax dollars following the students,” he said. He also called for the expansion of the state’s vocational technical high schools and community colleges to help provide a future labor force for the state.

He said issues should be addressed “at the lowest level of effective authority,” explaining that he supports local control of schools, zoning, housing policies, and finances.

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