February 2, 2023
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6 Best Tag Team Partners Of Triple H’s Career (& 4 Worst)

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While most fans know him as The Game due to his spectacular singles career in WWE, Triple H has also accomplished more in the tag team division than most fans realize. With several tag team championships to his credit with multiple partners, Triple H has earned his moniker in both divisions. Whether it was as a member of D-Generation X or the leader of Evolution, he was able to take control at the top.

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Despite his talent and love for professional wrestling, there are still some teammates that not even the King of Kings was able to achieve success with. With his real-life friendships seemingly pointing to his best tag team partners, other thrown-together or random pairings did not seem to gel with his style, even if he is one of the best in the business.

10 Best – Chyna

As someone who is arguably Triple H’s first tag team partner in WWE, Chyna not only set the stage for his career but also blazed a trail for female wrestlers of the future. With unsurpassed strength and toughness, Chyna helped redefine what a woman could do in the wrestling ring.

When it came time for Triple H to select a bodyguard during his time with D-Generation X, he looked no further than Chyna. When their partnership transitioned into the ring as a team, they were also very successful in taking down the competition when the time called for it.

9 Worst – Vince & Shane McMahon

Despite his marital ties into the McMahon family, there is a little case to make that teaming up with his father and brother-in-law has ever worked out positively for Triple H. In fact, there have been very few times that teaming up with either male member of the McMahon family has resulted in something good happening to any of them.

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On two separate occasions during his career, Triple H has lost his WWE Championship as a result of being in a tag team match with Shane and Vince in his corner. Considering that neither of them is an accomplished wrestler, it seems that carrying around their weight is too difficult even for The Game to manage.


8 Best – Steve Austin

Taking two of the top wrestlers of their era and placing them in a tag team has the downside of potentially extinguishing some of their star power. Thankfully, little could be done to slow down both “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Triple H in their prime, so placing them together was the best thing for business at the time.

The Two Man Power Trip not only became World Tag Team Champions, but they also held the WWE and Intercontinental Championships at the same time as a team. Had it not been for a very unfortunate quadriceps injury for Triple H that happened at the peak of their time as a team, they could have achieved so much more.

7 Worst – The Big Show

With his long tenure in WWE, The Big Show had many tag team partners over his career. While he was successful teaming with many of the company’s bigger stars, he was never able to gel well with Triple H. As two wrestlers who were mainly placed together out of convenience, there were no exciting matches featuring the two stars.

Despite WWE at its hottest point in 2000, matches featuring Triple H and The Big Show teaming together did little to excite fans. Considering that they were even able to be defeated when they had the advantage in handicap matches says a lot about their chemistry together.

6 Best – John Cena

Despite never being an established tag team together, there were few instances of Triple H and John Cena teaming together that resulted in them losing. After normally being thrown together either as mutual “good guys” or while feuding against each other, they were still able to gel well together despite their differences.

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Considering just how good both men were in their ring during their prime, it is no surprise how successful they were when placed together. With Cena arguably taking the mantle of the top guy from Triple H during his ascend to the top of WWE, their chemistry was surprising.

5 Best – DX

While Triple H and Shawn Michaels would ultimately become the tag team that most wrestling fans know Triple H from, his general partnership with D-Generation X was also very successful. With other members like Billy Gunn, Road Dogg and X-Pac alongside him, Triple H had multiple teammates to choose from.

Whether they were considered good or bad by the audience did not matter, the genuine friendship and bond that DX had together made them a very impactful team no matter which members were together. Triple H would certainly become the decorated singles star out of the group, but they were very powerful together.

4 Worst – Stephanie McMahon

Whether it was during the McMahon-Helmsley regime or as members of The Authority, one thing has remained true about the Triple H and Stephanie McMahon marriage – they should be kept far apart when it comes to in-ring activity. Given Stephanie’s lack of in-ring experience and skills, there is little that she has been able to offer her husband as a tag team partner.

While teaming alongside his wife may be an exciting prospect at first, she is not a very reliable partner and has done more damage to his win-loss record than good when it comes to big-time matches. Looking no further than their recent loss to Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle, Stephanie should be staying far away from the ring.

3 Best – Evolution

Considering the pure talent that was a part of Evolution and how many World Championships the group was able to obtain, there is no surprise that they were also a successful team. While Triple H focused more on his World Heavyweight Championship pursuits while with the group, he was able to team with any member to achieve success.

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Not unlike The Four Horsemen before them, any combination of Evolution was a solid partnership. Whether he teamed with Ric Flair, Batista or Randy Orton, or all of them at once, there was no stopping Evolution from dominating the match that they were in, as long as they were paired together.

2 Worst – CM Punk

Sometimes wrestlers are able to put their differences aside for the better of the show they are putting on in order to be a successful team. Unfortunately, the real-life tension between Triple H and CM Punk was too palpable at any point in their career for them to achieve success together.

While they were able to gel well together in multi-team matches because they did not need to have direct contact, they struggled when teaming just the two of them. With the lines of reality and television blurred any time they were paired together, it is no surprise that they did not achieve any success when on the same side of the ring.

1 Best – Shawn Michaels

As one of the final main event runs for both of their careers, the time that Triple H and Shawn Michaels were able to reform D-Generation X should be earmarked as one of their greatest chapters. While some of their actions were juvenile considering their age, they were still a very successful team that was able to headline many shows together.

Triple H and Michaels are among WWE’s most successful wrestlers of all time and that combined with their genuine friendship made them wildly successful and popular with fans. After seeing them in so many main event programs over the years, seeing them compete as a tag team for an extended run was a refreshing experience for long-time fans.

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