February 1, 2023
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5 Best Tag Team Partners Of Eddie Guerrero’s Career (& 5 Worst)

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Eddie Guerrero’s rise to the top of the wrestling world is a climb that will never be duplicated. He was one of the most versatile wrestlers to ever exist and an icon who took poor material and always turned it into gold. The “lie, cheat, and steal” gimmick could have tanked his career, but instead, he took the trope and turned it into anti-hero audiences could not help, but love. His career will never be equaled and his inspiration is everywhere from CM Punk to The Young Bucks.

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Eddie’s career included some of the best tag matches and tag team partners any wrestler has ever had. Like any great, not all of Eddie’s tag team partners were the greatest pairing for “Latino Heat” and this list examines both the best and worst tag team partners of Eddie’s one-of-a-kind career.

10 Best: Rey Mysterio

Although they have had five-star bouts against one another, Rey Mysterio and Eddie as partners performed on the same level as they did as foes. The two were electric in the ring. Although by the end of his career Guerrero had become more of a mat wrestler, he and Rey were once premier high-flyers in the world of wrestling.

As Guerrero evolved as a performer, Rey evolved as a character and the two always had major love from the crowd when they partnered up. Their time together, both as partners and as wrestlers in general will always be remembered for the sheer heart and love they gave the fans both inside and outside the ring.

9 Worst: Tajiri

It’s often forgotten that Tajiri and Eddie were once WWE tag team champions. After Chavo Guerrero suffered an injury, the two were thrown together and although they were fine as performers, their time together was more of a tease than anything else.

They showed all the potential in the ring as partners but were quickly separated after a short time and never teamed up again. Tajiri is one of the worst partners of Eddie’s career not because he wasn’t great, but because they never lived up to any of their potential as a tag team.


8 Best: Undertaker

The Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero both helped build Smackdown from “the b show” to the billion-dollar entity it is today. Somehow, the dream singles match “Undertaker vs Eddie Guererro” never happened on television. Although they did team up at a few house shows, the two were only on the same tag team for one episode of SmackDown.

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They teamed up with Booker T in a handicap tag team match against Danny Basham & Doug Basham & John Bradshaw Layfield & Orlando Jordan. They showcased why Booker T, Undertaker, and Guerrero are all hall of Famers as you could’ve put them up against any triple or quadruple team stable. This trio was losing to no one.

7 Worst: Val Venis

Val Venis is a product of his time. Most of his time in the Attitude Era would be a way to taboo for WWE television today. He and Eddie had feuds early on in Eddie’s WWE career, but as Guerrero ascended, Venis faded off into the background.

The two partnered up a few times, but the bouts were never anything special and Venis’s time with Guerrero (both as a partner and a foe) is often forgotten.

6 Best: Chyna

Eddie and Chyna’s love affair was the jolt both performers needed. When two began to team up, both stars were lost in the lower midcard section of the roster. Together, the two would compete in a few tag team matches that were hilariously awesome.

Two of the biggest stars to ever compete in their respective eras never disappointed. Their story is better remembered for their IC title saga, which would lead to a title reign for both Chyna and Eddie.

5 Worst: JBL

Eddie Guerrero had a huge hand in JBL’s rise as a heel that eventually led to his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. He was the perfect baby face to feud with the monster that was “rich southern JBL.” The two will always be remembered for their insane, sometimes bloody, bouts against each other.

As partners, the two lacked the same chemistry and those matches were never good. Eddie teamed with JBL a few times before he helped launch JBL’s career as a heel and most of those matches are duds. It seems JBL was destined to be Guerrero’s foe.

4 Best: Jeff Hardy

At one point, Jeff Hardy and Eddie Guerrero were the two most exciting wrestlers on the WWE roster and BOTH of them were in the mid-card scene. Although the two had great IC title matches, that honestly sometimes outshined any other title match, the two did pair up for a match on Raw that was as amazing as any fan could’ve excepted. ​​​​​​​

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In a match against Edge and Christian, an absolute classic, the duo of Jeff and Eddie defeated one of the greatest tag teams of all time. Yes, Lita helped them a bit, but all’s fair in love, war, and matches against Eddie Guerrero.

3 Worst: Funaki

Funaki is one of the forgotten cruiserweights of the early 2000s. Although he was good, he was competing for eyes against the likes of Eddie and Rey Mysterio in the WWE. He often got left to the wayside and never blossomed into a superstar or found a gimmick that made him shine in the sea of superstars on the WWE roster.

He and Eddie once teamed on an episode of Velocity. Compared to the stacked roster of former stars on Eddie Guerrero’s list of tag partners, Sho Funaki is often considered one of his forgotten partners.

2 Best: Chavo Guerrero

Los Guerrero is the most prominent tag team Eddie was a part of for a reason, Chavo and Eddie were great. Although Chavo did not have near the success Eddie did in wrestling, he was a great wrestler. The two did spend some time together in WCW but rose to prominence as a tag team in the WWE.

The two had a great run where they beat future hall of famers left and right. They held the tag team titles twice and Los Guerreros helped launch Eddie into the star he would become.

1 Worst: Steve Blackman

The pairing of Steve Blackman and Eddie Guerrero is a strange one. The two were completely different in terms of how they fought and how they were received. The two were thrown together in their WWE career and had little chemistry as partners even losing to Test and Albert (aka A-Train) on Raw.

​​​​​​​The two rarely crossed paths after a few six-man tag matches and Eddie would ascend to the top of the wrestling world, while Steve Blackman would forever be entrenched in his “tough guy” that never left the Hardcore Championship scene.

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