February 6, 2023
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10 Wildest Bumps Of Edge’s WWE Career

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When it comes to careers that rose through the ranks of WWE, there is no better story than Edge‘s WWE career. Rising through the ranks as a tag team wrestler to become a Hall of Fame multi-time world champion, Edge proved that hard work and perseverance pay off in the long run.

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While hard work got Edge to the top of his game, it also came at the price of a toll on his body. Edge’s career was built on extreme matches, big bumps and crazy moves that ultimately led him to early retirement in 2011 before he returned in 2020.


10 Chokeslammed Through A Table, Smackdown 2011

Anytime that someone like Kane is involved in a Last Man Standing match, there are few wrestlers who can walk out without withstanding any punishment. When Edge put his World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Kane on Smackdown in 2011, he knew he would walk out with bruises.

While a bump through an announce table is not a breathtaking maneuver by modern wrestling standards, this one felt different. With so much intensity behind the chokeslam, the table exploded much more than normal and it must have hurt more than usual.

9 Last Ride Through Two Tables, One Night Stand 2008

At a time when two World Championships were defended on WWE’s two separate brands, it took special champions to make their matches seem special. In 2008, the Smackdown brand championship was being carried by Edge and The Undertaker.

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Despite The Undertaker already being almost twenty years into his WWE career, he gave his feud with Edge his absolute all. Even though Edge would be victorious in their TLC Match at One Night Stand, The Undertaker left his mark with a thunderous Last Ride off of a ladder through two tables.

8 Suplex Into Middle Of The Ladder, Extreme Rules 2009

Being able to use ladders in different and innovative situations has been what has kept wrestlers like Jeff Hardy in the spotlight for so many years. Following ten years since their first ladder match together, Edge and Jeff Hardy continued to innovate in 2009.

With the World Heavyweight Championship hanging above the ring, the two legendary wrestlers battled it out hard to become the winner. In the middle of the match, Hardy suplexed Jeff into an upside-down ladder so his ribs came into contact with the hinges, and it looked more painful than anything else in the match.

7 Matt Hardy Leg Drop Off The Cage, Unforgiven 2005

The blood feud between Matt Hardy and Edge blurred the lines between real life and fiction on many occasions, and it kept fans glued to their seats in 2005. After several encounters between the two, one of their final matches took place in an unforgiving steel cage.

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At a point where Matt Hardy could have won the match by escaping the cage, he decided to add additional injury to his opponent. Hardy jumped off the cage and hit a thunderous leg drop to a bloody Edge.

6 Chokeslam Through The Ring, Summerslam 2008

There are few wrestlers more skilled in Hell in the Cell matches than The Undertaker, and Edge felt exactly what that experience means. After many matches together in 2008, they ended their feud with an instant classic match in the steel structure.

Despite having already won the match, The Undertaker needed to add more injury to Edge. Taker returned to the ring and not only chokeslammed Edge through the ring canvas but also used his mystical powers to set the hole on fire afterwards.

5 Mick Foley Slams Edge Onto Thumbtacks, WrestleMania 22

While the Mick Foley and Edge Street Fight from WrestleMania 22 is mostly remembered for Foley being speared through a flaming table, Edge did not escape the match unscathed. The table spot was memorable, but Edge also took his share of memorable bumps.

In 2006, thumbtacks were not very present in mainstream wrestling, so seeing them at WrestleMania was even more surprising. When Foley suplexed Edge’s back directly into the tacks, fans were treated to seeing the Rated R Superstar’s back look like a pin cushion.

4 Side Effect Off The Stage, RAW 2005

Not every extreme part of Edge and Matt Hardy’s feud took place inside of the ring. In fact, all of the matches they had together did not even end with a clear winner. Fans had been waiting to see them get ahold of each other for weeks, and could not wait to see what they would do to each other.

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During an episode of RAW in 2005, they faced off in a Street Fight. After bludgeoning each other around the ring, they made it to the stage where Matt executed a Side Effect to Edge off of the stage through a table, ending the match in a no contest.

3 Superplex With A Torn Tricep Injury, Backlash 2020

Edge’s return to wrestling after a career-ending neck injury made headlines and got wrestling fans excited again. Unfortunately, the return as cut short at Backlash 2020 following a brutal tricep injury that put Edge on the shelf.

During what was billed as The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever, Edge tore his tricep in the match against Randy Orton, but continued on with the match. At one point, Orton gave Edge a top rope superplex before knowing the extent of the injury, which must have been extremely painful.

2 Jeff Hardy Snaps A Ladder, WrestleMania 23

As the first Money in the Bank briefcase winner, Edge knows the mechanics of the multi-man ladder match. However, in the third event not even he could have prepared himself for what was to come.

After being laid out on a ladder on the outside of the ring by both Matt and Jeff Hardy, Jeff performed one of his most extreme stunts of all time. He jumped from a ladder and put Edge directly through the ladder.

1 John Cena Attitude Adjustment Off A Ladder, Unforgiven 2006

Edge’s rise to main event status took place at the same time as John Cena’s rise to superstardom. When 2006 rolled around, Edge had already captured the WWE Championship from Cena and was looking to defend it in a TLC match at Unforgiven 2006.

In his hometown of Toronto, Edge not only lost his championship, but he made highlight-reel history. Cena took Edge down with an Attitude Adjustment from the top of a ladder through two tables and created one hell of a visual to end the match.

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